Contentious Diet With Exceptional Results

Here is a somewhat shocking and controversial video we recently found, related to a healthy diet and exercise.

We have followed it up with results from a lot of folks who have used this.  The vast majority gave very positive reviews although the medical community appear not ready for it yet because of the new approach to an old problem.


Please have a look at the video and let us know what your thoughts are.

How To Slim Down Thigh Fat

After 35, many women question themselves about getting rid of thigh fat. It’s a common problem and although it poses no health risk, it can make one look fat and unsightly. Thigh fat comes as we age, but sometimes it is because of poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. Although it can be very stubborn and hard to get rid of, you can rid yourself of fat thighs if you are disciplined about your eating habits and exercise.


Thigh Fat Reduced

Healthy diet

We mostly gain weight through high calorie diets; therefore, you should look to change your diet into a low calorie one. This doesn’t mean that you stop eating all the things you love but rather, eat them in moderation and add to your diet low calorie foods that you enjoy. Instead of your usual cut of red meat, you should now go for lean red meat, fish and chicken. Change your carbohydrates to unprocessed ones; the wrong carbohydrates will contribute to significant fat deposits in the thigh region. Sugar is one of the biggest reasons why we gain weight. Soda and other sugary drinks contain 200 calories and more. If you can replace these with healthy drinks that are low in calories, you will be well along the way to losing thigh fat.

There are several healthy diets that you can adopt. That said, make sure not to settle for a diet that leaves you hungry. When you starve the body, you will eventually binge – the body’s needs are strong and they have to be fulfilled. Choose a diet that allows you to feel sated but is low in calories. Sadly, for many people, going on a diet means they stop eating all the things they love; this is not what is supposed to happen. You should continue to eat them, but in moderation. If you love chocolate cake, eat a small slice rather than your usual big portion. You can save it as a treat for having a complete week of proper eating and continue to enjoy slim, trim legs.


Exercise in itself doesn’t directly get rid of fat thighs, but it is critical for burning those extra calories that eventually find their way to your upper legs. There are numerous exercises that you can find online that will help you slim down this upper leg area. Most of them work for more than just the hips; you wind up losing weight around your waist, butt, hips and thighs. They involve a lot of leg movements in different positions.

The important thing to remember about exercise is that you must be consistent. The more of it you do, the more weight you lose and the trimmer your legs will get. Start gradually and then build up the number of exercises you do as well as how long you do them. It is important to take this advice seriously – if you move too fast into high impact exercises, you might wind up hurting yourself.

If you feel unmotivated after some time, that is quite normal especially if you are not experiencing progress. This shouldn’t deter you; thigh weight takes quite some time to come off. Get an accountability partner and work out with them. A simple run 3 or 4 times a week is great for your thighs and so is riding a bike around your neighborhood or in to work. If you can enroll in a gym and have the guidance of a trainer, it will be all the better.


Thigh Fat Diet Results

Another way to exercise that many ignore is the day to day activities that can be used to burn up calories and stay fit. Climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator is a great way to burn off calories. If you can walk for your groceries and back, all the better. If you have small children, ask them outside and play with them; even just kicking around a football for a few minutes on the weekend burns calories. Another little known way to lose weight is to stand. It burns around 3 or 4 more times the calories that you burn when sitting down. Stand when you are working, when you are in meetings and when you are watching TV and burn off those calories. If you choose to lie on the sofa for a break, how about you do scissors in reps of 10 for 10 minutes? Do you see now how many opportunities you have in your day to day life to burn calories? There are plenty, they are all very effective and will reduce those fat thighs.